Ben Shneiderman Timeline

Timeline of Life and Work


Project Brief



I created a biographical timeline of Dr. Ben Shneiderman, who is an American Computer Scientist and a distinguished professor at the University of Maryland (UMD). He is one of the pioneers of the field of Human-Compute Interaction (HCI) and Information Visualization. This scrolling timeline was designed to improve audience’s understanding of his past and current experience by learning about his history through events, awards, accomplishments and books.


Design Ideas

In the process of creating this biographical timeline, I had to choose forty events, passages, and interventions in Dr. Shneiderman’s life and professional career, obviously out of hundreds of achievements over more than fifty years of his contribution in the field of HCI. I consider my primary audience including students, university professors, journalists, scientists, etc. to lay out the facts in a way to enable them to correlate information in a meaningful manner.

I made some sketches, then built a few prototypes, and ran some usability testings to improve the final version.








Final Design

The final version of the scrolling timeline includes forty events about Dr. Shneiderman’s life and professional career and it was added as a tab on his UMD homepage.